How to dress your body shape

Do you often find yourselves wondering around clothing stores, and not really knowing what works for you? Most likely this is because you are completely unaware of not only what body shape you are, but more specifically what clothes suit that particular shape.

What’s brilliant about us as individuals is that our body is unique to us, and this difference is reflected in the wide variety of clothing that is currently available for consumers. There’s now clothing out there for everyone, no matter what your colouring, height, proportion or body shape.

There are four main body types that the majority of us can relate to. Here at ImagebyTania we understand this may not apply to every single one of you, that’s why it may be beneficial for you to book a consultation so we can help discover what works for you.

If you want to identify your body shape then it’s best to strip down to your underwear and stand in front of a mirror (a scary process I know, but it’s the best way to get a real idea of your shape), and find out which one best applies to you. Here are the four main body types, along with a description of clothing which would work best with that shape:


As a rule, an hourglass shape will mean you’re curvy, with a tiny waist. If this sounds like you, then you must accentuate your curves, not hide them away. The best pieces to try are a belted jacket at the waist, a wrap dress, and a pencil skirt should be your best friend.


If you’re an apple it means that you carry most of your weight round your middle. Your goal is to therefore minimise this mid-section by highlighting your beautiful shoulders and legs. The perfect items that should become a staple in your wardrobe are a swing coat, low-waisted straight leg pants or the totally on-trend shirt dress.


If the widest part of your body lies at your hips, then this means you’re a pear! Your aim is to balance out your body by accentuating your top half. This is best done by wearing a structured, patterned jacket to draw attention upwards, an A-line skirt, or a great fitting pair of bootcut jeans.


With your all-over slender figure you’ll most probably be the envy of many, however, most slender-type figures will crave curves. If this sounds like you then there are plenty of ways to maximise your shape with the right clothing. High-necked tops are great as they give the appearance of a fuller chest, whilst floaty fabrics and halter cut tops will also flatter your figure.

Once you have established your shape and understand what clothes make you look fabulous, hitting the shops will become a whole lot easier.

If you would like loads more tips on what clothes would work best for your body shape then get in touch with our team of specialist image consultants today.

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