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Mornings are hard enough without opening your wardrobe and thinking ‘I have nothing to wear, nothing looks right on me’. Here at ImagebyTania we will help you get it right so that anything and everything you pick out of your wardrobe simply ‘works’ for you.

It is a known fact that 80% of people use only 20% of their wardrobe. This is because we don’t buy the right clothes in the first place!

My team of qualified stylists are here to help you use ALL of your wardrobe. We know that for the regular woman and man, style is not about simply following fashion trends, but about using clothes to compliment you and your distinct features.

Our aim is to find clothes that not only work with your body shape, but we also want the clothes to reveal your personality and enhance your self-confidence!

Whether you want to look taller or slimmer, more authoritative or approachable, we are here to help.

Your consultation will be with a qualified Image Consultant who will use colour matching and drape technology to find out which colours enhance your skin tone, hair and eye colour, and importantly which colours you should definitely avoid!

We have helped lots of clients discover what makes them sparkle and we can do the same for YOU. Choosing the perfect colours will not only make you look healthier, younger, fresher and more dynamic, but will give you a massive confidence boost.

If you would like ImagebyTania to supply you with the tools to keep you looking ship-shape for a lifetime then get in touch.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, the best investment you can make is in you!


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