Tanning: Defying the Expectation

Being pale myself, you may find this article to be a tad biased but I’m here to tell you that having fair skin is not something you should feel you have to hide!

Now I’m not against self-tanning when done properly; quite the contrary, I believe having a tan can really boost your body confidence. Certainly when I go on holiday or get a tan, my legs look less like clumpy marshmallows and more like toned, bronzed pins to be proud of.

The problem I have is people in today’s society being forced to chase the sun-kissed look all year round who simply don’t have it naturally.

Everyone knows that sun beds aren’t good for you and fake tan prices can range from cheap at the price of looking like a satsuma, to extortionate. Let’s face it, you don’t have the time or money to go to Marbella for the week every time you want to top up your tan and England isn’t going to clear its skies so you can feel good about yourself. What’s wrong with embracing your fair skin?

The reason things like “colour analysis” exist is because everyone is different and different colours/styles suit people’s different skin, hair and eye colours, features and body types. It is a celebration of people’s differences and the idea of working with what you have naturally to discover what suits you best and makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

Along with the media pumping the idea that we NEED to be tanned to fit in, a disappointing and somewhat regular occurrence happened upon me recently while shopping for makeup. One of the store makeup artists decided to offer “assistance” by advising me to go 2 shades darker than my regular foundation and apply copious amounts of bronzer to achieve a “natural” skin tone. It sounds surreal even typing this but that is how our society perceives a normal, healthy skin tone.

That was an eye opener for me to stop wasting hundreds of pounds all year round on fake tanner and embrace the pale! I no longer feel pressured to tan my skin before a night out. I know what colours make me look and feel my best and I no longer need to be tanned to feel good about myself.

If you’re fair skinned and often feel pressured to meet society’s demand for tanned skin, tell the team at Image By Tania about it! Do you spend a phenomenal amount on self-tanner? We want to hear about it. There are other things you can do to feel good about yourself. Get in touch today for a personal colour analysis and style briefing to feel better about yourself than you ever thought possible!

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