Halloween is just around the corner…

Halloween, a spook-tastic holiday imported from our American cousins, has grown in popularity in recent years this side of the Atlantic, and it doesn’t look as if it will slide any time soon. A favourite with those who like a bit of dress-up, the shops are already stocked full of spooky decorations, outfits and a selection of ghoulish make-up and nail ideas to frighten most.

With a multitude of events and parties coming up for all ages, now is when the panic sets in about what to wear and who to transform into come October 31st. My family, as I’m sure many of yours, love to embrace Halloween in its entirety, and I’ve already had my three kids asking for help and ideas with their costumes.

As a trained make-up artist, this time of year is also especially exciting for me as I get the chance to flex my creative muscles in a different way and get the chance to really think creatively outside the box. I love to be a part of the shifting trends in fashion and make-up in my every-day life as well as for special holidays such as Halloween, so I thought I’d share with you my favourite tips and tricks that I’ve found…

Keeping it simple

Are you looking for an outfit that’s not too over the top? Is this one of your first Halloween dress-ups? Often the best thing to do if this is the case is to embody the classic cat look. The outfit is simple – wear all black. Not only is black the most flattering colour in your wardrobe, but you’re likely to have plenty to choose from, so won’t need to splash the cash on a new outfit. Whether you choose a two or one piece – that’s not important – but velvet materials work especially well on this look, giving it a seductive feel.

Make-up is crucial to this look too. Whether you decide to keep it minimal and go for everyone’s favourite winged cat-eye eyeliner, lashings of jet black mascara and a dark lip, or be more adventurous, it’s up to you. If you want to be a little different, this creepy Cheshire cat look really caught my eye. This look would require a steady hand though, so practise, practise, practise on this one to avoid any make-up errors.

Cheshire Cat

Make-up over clothes

Outfits are much more expensive than Halloween make-up and often require an extra prop, that’s why I often opt for spooky make-up over a whole new costume. As a make-up artist I may be slightly biased here, but there’s nothing better than transforming the face into something completely different, but, if you don’t want to go too wild, there are a few essential tips to perfect Halloween make-up.

Definitely don’t hide your face behind a mask this year, instead go for the ghostly pale look via your make-up bag. We first suggest buying a face powder three shades lighter than your usual choice to ensure your face has that whiter, pristine finish. I would also say that for the eye make-up, the more intense the better, Build it up gradually, smudging smoky eyeshadow and liner as you go, leaving a deathly stare. When it comes to lips, the more velvety and matte, the better. The shades we’re championing are MAC’s Diva and the fire-engine Red lipstick from Bobbi Brown. This will be an investment which will work with most winter outfits too! if you’re really looking to make an entrance this year, take a look at this more adventurous look!

Halloween Make-Up

Get everyone involved

Halloween is also a great way to get the whole family together and give everyone a chance to help each other out with costumes and designs. For all those ladies who are pregnant this time of year, don’t think that you should be left out of this either. Take a look at a bump shot of me, with my belly painted as a pumpkin by my very inventive (and maybe a little mad) husband! This year we’re considering going one step further and dressing up our brand new Dalmation Lottie (any ideas are welcome!)


It’s vital that everyone has fun at Halloween and embraces the chance to be completely creative! If you would like any further make-up tips or advice, then don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

Tan xx

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