What stops you from being motivated?

Not being motivated is something which can, and often does affect all of us at some point in our life. Winter is a key period where this occurs, as we all seem to bed down in our homes and blame the cold weather, or the shorter days for reasons not to do things that we should. The gym is a particular struggle for me, especially when it’s below freezing outside and I have a tonne of mince pies in the cupboard!!

However, it’s crucial that you don’t become unmotivated in any way during this cold snap, or any other time of the year, and here at Image By Tania, we’ve outlined the top three barriers which can stop someone from being motivated, and ways to combat it.

Weak Reasons

If you struggle to think of valid concrete reasons for completing a task then it’s unlikely the job will get done. Often you’ll talk yourself into believing the task is unnecessary or unimportant, justifying putting the task off your agenda.

If this is something which resonates with you (and you’re not alone, trust me), then you must find reasons for taking action. It has been proven that we’re unlikely to act just from outside pressure, but when you find your own reasons and get excited about the task in hand then you’re more likely to act.


A phrase which regularly appears both in the student and adult vocabulary, choosing to put off tasks can only be a barrier to getting motivated. Procrastination might seem great at the time, preoccupying your mind with a whole world of other things other than what needs to be done, but ultimately you can only avoid the task for so long.

Being proactive is the name of the game to combat procrastination, I’m afraid. Treat the task the same way you would treat pulling off a plaster; fast and painless, get it over and done with. It’s also crucial that you only try and complete one task at a time too; often procrastination can stem from having lots of things to do and becoming overwhelmed. Instead look at each task and rip off the band aid, ASAP!

Low Confidence

If you fail to believe that you can achieve something, you end up stopping yourself before you even get started. Here at Image By Tania, we inspire confidence and believe it’s the crux to why many people remain unmotivated, and becomes a vicious circle.

Each time you act in spite of fear you will increase your confidence, so try to not be afraid. Start on the smaller tasks and watch as your confidence and self esteem rise.

Being confident in your own abilities is what we install through coaching with our clients on a regular basis. We believe that having confidence is the key not only to being more motivated, but it is also guaranteed to make you look and feel great.

We ensure we offer a bespoke package to each client, ensuring each goal is achievable and the appropriate time scale is set.

If you’d like to find out more about the confidence coaching package we offer, or any of our personal styling or colour analysis packages, then get in touch with the experts today.

Tania xx

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