How to ensure your hair stays in tip-top condition this winter

When it comes to our hair, we always want what we can’t have, but here at Image By Tania our motto is to embrace what you’ve been given. So whether it’s straight, curly, long, short, thick or thin, so we’d like to provide you with some handy, and slightly alternative ways of keeping your hair looking healthy and fresh during the winter.

Before we get started on the range of tips on how to help your hair through this season, we thought we’d have a go at answering the age-old question: How often should you wash your hair? It’s a question which science experts and beauty professionals have always argued over, but obviously how often you choose to wash your hair is completely dependent on its thickness and style.

It has been recently revealed by dermatologist Lynne Goldman that if you’re a lady with coarse or curly hair, you can get away with washing your hair every four days, or even stretch to once a week. This is primarily because those with curly hair will produce less sebum; oil produced in the scalp. Your skin type can also impact the amount of hair washing required, as if you have what is classed as normal skin then washing hair twice a week should do the trick, whereas those with oily or dry skin will most likely have to wash their hair more/less respectively.

Now we’ve cleared up the hair washing procedure, it’s vital that you beautiful ladies are aware of the damage that winter can cause for your hair, and that your hair may need a little more TLC than usual. You may think that now the summer is over your hair will no longer have to deal with excessive amounts of sea water, sand and chlorine, but winter causes its own hair dramas too!

Central heating, moving constantly from hot and cold temperatures and strong winds all play havoc with your hair, so it’s important its protected this winter, especially with the party season about to get into full swing. The damp and wet weather can also be a pain too, with those ladies trying to fight the frizz having to ensure a brolly is always on standby.

However, we recently discovered some special remedies that can really give your hair a boost this festive season, so listen up…

Hydrate those locks

If your hair is lacking in moisture, there’s a perfect home remedy which won’t cost an arm and a leg; it’s coconut milk! Dependent on the thickness and length of your hair, apply a quarter to a half a tin of the milk to the mid and ends of your hair, avoiding the roots, and soak for a few minutes before shampooing out. This quenches the hair and leaves the cuticles super smooth too!

Feeling fruity

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, mix a tablespoon of apple juice with two tablespoons of lemon juice and apply to the ends of your hair, before leaving for two minutes before rinsing. This is great for those who want their hair to have that glossy shine, and the acidity in the juice will also flatten the hair cuticles, increasing the hair’s shine.

Cup of tea?

Us Brits love a cuppa, but why not make a chamomile tea, let it to cool, and then pour it on your hair instead of drinking it? Hair professionals have hailed it as a sure-fire way to brighten up dull highlights in between visiting the hairdresser, definitely one to try!

If you have found any of these hair tips helpful and would like to get in touch with our trained hairstylists about creating the perfect look, whether it’s for a Christmas party or any other occasion then get in touch today.. If you have any other enquiries about personal styling or make-up we’d be more than happy to help too!

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