When trend becomes train wreck

Right ladies, listen closely because we’re about to reveal an industry secret that will blow your mind… Not all trends are going to suit you. Dun Dun Duuuun! Yes, cry and get it all out because despite not being able to pull off mustard yellow or florals, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The fact of the matter is, trends come and go. What was once “hot” is now “not” and the girl in the overalls you made fun of 6 months ago is now what’s “in”.

When it comes to trends, sometimes the fashion gods are forgiving. Sometimes, they give us fashion themes or inspired looks over specific colours, patterns or styles. In these situations it is very easy to tailor the trend around what looks best on you.

Other times we are not so lucky and sometimes it’s better to avoid the trend altogether if it means sacrificing your confidence in the process. Crop tops are a good example of this. They may be the “in thing” but not everyone feels comfortable wearing them. Your fashion should be a statement of who you are, not turn you into a sheep uncomfortable in its own skin! Ask yourself, is this trend really worth feeling uncomfortable or vulnerable? Your confidence should always come first! If you feel confident it will shine through you, whatever you wear. Perhaps by avoiding certain trends that don’t sit well with you, you’ll start a new one! Positivity is key!

So here at Image By Tania we’ve covered trends that can be worked with and trends that should be avoided. Let’s move onto trends that can be manipulated. If bright, bold florals are in but you’re a Spring who suits pastel shades and you simply can’t be left behind in this trend, we recommend that instead of sacrificing your confidence, manipulate the trend to suit you. You can still be a part of the trend and it’s not even cheating to opt for a bag or a scarf over a full on outfit. The fashion industry knows that not all trends are going to suit everyone, that’s why there are always alternatives.

The best advice we can give to you is to be yourself and as long as you look and feel good, nothing can stop you! Don’t sacrifice your confidence for passing trends; it’s just not worth it.

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