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Why you need a capsule wardrobe!

Ask yourself, do you waste time most mornings wondering what to wear? Are you spending too much on clothes that hardly see the light of day? If this is you then trust me, you need to create a capsule wardrobe!

Capsule wardrobe: The lowdown

I bet this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this phrase, but I also bet you’re still not quite sure what it all means. The term ‘Capsule wardrobe’ was famously coined by Susie Faux, owner of the London fashion boutique ‘Wardrobe’ who regarded it as ‘as a collection of a few essential items of clothing that will not go out of fashion’. The key thing is that a capsule wardrobe is all about the quality of the items – not the quantity.

The perfect combination

Obviously, no-ones capsule wardrobe should look identical as the items which you choose should be dependent on your figure, skin colour and personality, but there are key essentials which you should look for to form the basis of your ideal wardrobe.

Firstly, good fitting trousers are a must-have – not dozens of pairs, but two, one light and one dark will be ample. The same applies with skirts and shirts too, and jackets, keep them simple, have one that is more formal and fitted, and one that’s more relaxed and fun for the evening.

But the thing that all of these items must have in common: that they mustn’t contain patterns that are too busy as this will limit the amount of options you have and impact its wear-ability. Instead, inject some colour and personality with fun accessories – a bright necklace or vibrant lipstick will only add to an outifit’s versatility.

Cost per wear

Having a wardrobe which is full to the brim with clothes may seem like every woman’s dream, but in reality how many of those items of clothes still have the label on? How many have you worn once and pushed to the back of both your mind and the closet? We have a simple solution, before purchasing an item of clothing think realistically about its cost per wear.

Our advice as a team of trained image consultants and personal stylists is simple. Only purchase an item of clothing if you’re sure that it will match with at least three existing wardrobe items. That way, you will be able to wear this item in several different ways, making it have a better cost per wear value.

For example, you find a highly flattering pair of jeans which set you back £150, but wear them 150 times in a period of two years, well that only works out at a pound per wear, far better than if you were to purchase a pair for £30 and only wear a couple of times. When creating your capsule wardrobe, you shouldn’t view the items as a brief fad, but as an investment.

Putting it into practise

It’s one thing to aspire to a capsule wardrobe, but how to go ahead and achieve it? The first chore is to take a cull to some of your existing clothes, because let’s face it; they’re only taking up much-needed space! If you haven’t worn the item in two years, then it’s time to wave it goodbye.

Next, identify the gaps. If you realise you haven’t got that perfect jacket, then invest – and this can only mean one thing – SHOPPING, but remember, stay disciplined and remember exactly what you’re looking for!

This decluttering and rejuvenation of your once dishevelled wardrobe will mean that everything you have in your closet is tried and tested to make you look and feel fabulous. So tomorrow morning you can finally open the once dreaded wardrobe doors and give a sigh of relief and a confident smile!  ImagebyTania offers a Wardrobe Editing service to make sure you get it right!

If you would like more helpful advice and tips about what clothes are perfect for you then get in touch with our team of image consultants. We provide you with you tools you need to feel great!

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