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What to wear this festive season

December is here, which means one thing; we can finally start getting excited about all things Christmas! But what with purchasing presents, putting up decorations and eating one too many mince pies, we can sometimes forget to set aside time to find ourselves that perfect outfit for a festive occasion. Whether it’s to a work...
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What stops you from being motivated?

Not being motivated is something which can, and often does affect all of us at some point in our life. Winter is a key period where this occurs, as we all seem to bed down in our homes and blame the cold weather, or the shorter days for reasons not to do things that we...
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Tanning: Defying the Expectation

Being pale myself, you may find this article to be a tad biased but I’m here to tell you that having fair skin is not something you should feel you have to hide! Now I’m not against self-tanning when done properly; quite the contrary, I believe having a tan can really boost your body confidence....
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All you need to know about London Fashion Week

The fashion spotlight shifted from New York to London last week, as London Fashion Week hit the capital. However there was a change of location for the iconic event this year, moving from the picturesque Somerset House to a transformed Brewer Street car park in the edgy and ever creative Soho. According to the British...
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Tips to packing clever for your summer holiday

With the holiday season fast approaching, many of us will be taking a well-earned break. But if packing for your holiday, whether in this country or abroad, fills you with dread then don’t panic. Here at ImagebyTania we have the perfect go-to guide to savvy packing to make the experience as stress-free as possible....
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How to dress your body shape

Do you often find yourselves wondering around clothing stores, and not really knowing what works for you? Most likely this is because you are completely unaware of not only what body shape you are, but more specifically what clothes suit that particular shape. What’s brilliant about us as individuals is that our body is unique to...
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Capsule Wardrobe


Why you need a capsule wardrobe!

Ask yourself, do you waste time most mornings wondering what to wear? Are you spending too much on clothes that hardly see the light of day? If this is you then trust me,...

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