^8A551B6544CD1A79CD1038CC097F7EC5A9F25F0159579CAA3E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrHi, nice to meet you! I’m Tania and I’d like to tell you a little more about my business ‘ImagebyTania’. It’s simple really; I want to help you look your best and feel fabulous – in your social life, at work or both. Now to answer a few questions…

Q. Give us the lowdown: Exactly what is ImagebyTania all about?

ImagebyTania is an Image Consultancy service with a difference. I believe that you must feel good to look good and vice versa. That’s why with this service my team will provide you with the whole package, not just Personal Styling, Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Management, Personal Shopping and Professional Makeup, but also Confidence and Image Coaching, as I believe that all of these are intrinsically linked.

Q. What was the inspiration behind ImagebyTania?

I wanted to create ImagebyTania as a one-stop shop for every woman or man’s needs, where they can receive a variety of ‘confidence boosting’ services from one team. My initial thoughts were around helping people with Makeup and Styling, but my gut feeling is that there is little point in walking out of your front door or into your workplace ‘looking fabulous’, but actually not ‘feeling fabulous’ and confident on the inside. Therefore I started to study ‘Life Coaching’, in particular ‘Personal Performance’, ‘NLP’, ‘Confidence’ and ‘Image’. My service is bespoke to each client’s needs, creating their own experience where they can leave feeling refreshed, energised and not only looking top dollar, but having the mentality to match.

Q. Have you always been passionate about Style and Beauty?

I was a typical teenager with regards to beauty and fashion. I would try a different look, hairstyle or lip colour almost every week. I always put myself forward to be the designated make-up artist in my friendship group, getting excited over which look to create on my girlfriends next. As I grew older working life took over my passion a little, as I studied for a degree in International Business with German, worked in the Corporate world for a few years, set up and ran my own Media Business with my husband and had three beautiful, yet time-demanding children. However now they’re a little older, my passion for making people look and feel good can finally take centre stage!

Q. Why choose ImagebyTania?

Not only do I provide a highly professional, bespoke service, but I also understand that often with image consultancy and personal styling, the client doesn’t want to be told what suits them and given a week’s gym plan before being left to their own devices. My team will provide fabulous tips and advice that certainly WON’T be ‘so last season‘, but will last a life-time! As Coco Chanel famously said, ‘Fashion fades but style is eternal.

Alongside gaining an understanding of your body shape and undergoing colour analysis, we also, unlike other similar services, believe that body confidence starts from within. A healthy mind-set and knowing who you are and what you want will equal a better you on the outside!

Anyway, enough about me (because it’s really all about you!!) I could keep talking about the style and beauty world all day long! If you like what you’ve read and you’re even the tiniest bit interested in any of the services that I’ve briefly discussed then don’t hesitate to get in touch on 07946 406115 or use the Contact Form.

Tania xx

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